Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grid Control in MVC 3.0

It is the code of the StoreController which display List of albums in the Genre.
To Display these items in the grid pass the to the view as list of items type of
Album. Here i am using Linq to SQL for getting data from the tables.

// GET: /Store/Browse?genre=Disco

public ActionResult Browse(string genre)
//var genreModel = new Genre { Name = genre };
//var albums = from m in storeDB.Albums
// where m.Genre.Name == genre
// select m;

var albums = from m in storeDB.Albums
join v in storeDB.Genres
on m.GenreId equals v.GenreId
where v.Name == genre
select m;

var albumList = albums.ToList<Album>();
//return view with list of albums to the View.
return View(albumList);

It is the Code at the View of this Method. where i have specified the
Model type in the firld line and after that created the grid and
assigned the data ( list of albums) the grid.
then the html is fetched at the page to display on the view..

@model IEnumerable< MvcMusicStore.Album>
ViewBag.Title =
var data = Model;
var grid = new WebGrid(data);
<h2>Browsing Genre: @Model.Count()</h2>
@foreach (var album in Model)
//<li><a href="/Store/Browse?genre=@genre.Name">@genre.Name</a></li>
//<li>@Html.ActionLink(genre.Name,"Browse",new {genre=genre.Name})</li>


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