Friday, August 12, 2011

Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011

The newest addition to the Visual Studio family has arrived. Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011
can build business applications for the desktop and the cloud easily - regardless of your
development skills.
Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 is a development tool that helps you build business applications
quickly. LightSwitch provides a simplified development environment that enables you to
concentrate on the business logic instead of the application infrastructure.
Most business applications are forms-over-data applications that provide a UI for viewing,
adding, and modifying data. When you use other development tools to build forms-over-data
applications, much of your time is spent on repetitive tasks. You write code to interact with a
database, you write code for the user interface, and you write code for the business logic.
When you use LightSwitch, much of the repetitive work is done for you and, in fact, you can
create a LightSwitch application without writing any code at all! For most applications, the
only code you have to write is the code that only you can write: the business logic.  

Features of Business Applications

Data Entities and Screens

Data Validation, Testing, and Deployment   

get more information about Visual Studio LightSwitch from microsoft at this link:

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