Thursday, March 3, 2011

Windows Azure Account and SQL Azure Configration Settings

Windows Azure is great platform for cloud computing. Microsoft providing great technologies in this
growing IT world. In this article, I am going to show little bit working in Windows Azure account.
Creating service account, creating SQL Azure Server and various operation in Database Server e.g.
Creating, Configuring Database, Tables etc.
To work with Windows Azure you have get an Azure account, which cost you something according to
Microsoft. After purchasing you this service they will provide you service through your live or Hotmail
account. For Starting with this go to and login with your email id and
After Login it will show you the main screen of the control panel. Figure 1
Figure 1 Control Panel Main Window
From Control Panel you can do various task for  setting up your development environment and
*User Management
*SQL Azure Management
*Virtual Network Management
*Service Bus, Access Control & Caching
User Management
To Manage Users select User Management from the lift menu. Here you can create sub users to login
and work. In Figure 2, here is only one user but you can add new sub user if you are admin.

Figure 2 User Management
SQL Azure Database Management
In case of database, First of all you have to create database server then you can create any database or
tables etc. It will take little time and done in few steps.
First of all click on Database at left side. then  click on create at upper toolbar menu as shown in Figure 3

Figure 3 Creating Database Server
After clicking this a new window will appear front of you to create a new server. Select your region and
click on next as in Figure 4
Figure 4 Region Selection
 Now specify administrator name and password for login in the server as in Figure 5. after specifying
these information if will redirect you to home page control panel there it will show you the details of
your sql azure e.g. server name and full url for the sql server to use with the SQL Server Management
Studio shown in Figure 6.
Figure 5 Login Details for SQL Azure
Figure 6 SQL Azure Control Panel
To Connect with this Azure SQL server you have also to specify the firewall rule. just click the highlighted
check box in the properties windows of the server.
Figure 7 Firewall Rules Setting
Creating Database:
To create a new database in SQL Azure click on the Server at left side and then select create button
on top toolbar shown in Figure 7. when you click on Crate Button then create database window
appear front of you. Specify your database name as you want shown in Figure 8
Figure 8 Creating New Database
The Next Task is to manage the database, Creating tables, views etc. to manage the database click on
the Manage at upper side after selecting the database as shown in Figure 9. after this it will redirect
you on another SQL Azure server there it will ask for some agreement as in Figure 10. Accept this and
mover further.
Figure 9 Manage Database
Figure 10 Agreement window
After Clicking ok it will ask you for the username and password for connecting with the Database Server. as shown in Figure 11.
Figure 11 SQL Azure Login Window
If you Login successfully then it will show the details of your database in the home of Database
control panel as shown in Figure 12.
To Create a new table, query, view or store procedure click on the toolbar. we going to create a new
table so click on New Table icon and it will show you a new window as shown in Figure 13
Figure 12
Specify your table and create columns as you simply create in Oracle Enterprise Manger or SQL Server Table Designer.
Figure 13 Table Desginer
If you want to do all this stuff of DML and DDL of database then you can use the SQL Server Management
Studio. just remember your sql server remote address and the password.
this is all about SQL Azure.
In Azure Platform Control Panel various thing to manage like AppFibric and Virtual Network.
You can manage them over there depending on your requirement.
Have some look in further figures to know about the view of the control panel of Azure Platform.
Windows Azure AppFabric

Figure 14 Azure AppFabric Window
Virtual Networks
Figure 15 Virtual Network Configuration Window
the other common task that you have to do in control panel can be managed here.Figure 16
Figure 16
This is all about the Windows Azure Platform Control Panel. May be it is good for the beginner.
Happy Learning.

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