Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Data Structure Lab Programs - Index


S.No.           Name of Practical                                                                   Signature
  1.   Program to search an element in a two dimensional array using linear search.
  2. Using recursion concept program for finding the element in the array using
    Binary Search Method.
  3. To Using iteration concept program for finding the element in  he array using Binary      Search Method.
  4. Write a program following operation on tables using functions only 
     a)Addition  b)Subtration c)Multiplication d)Transpose 
  5.  Write a program to sort an array using the quick  sort.
  6. Write a Program to implement the various operation on string such as  
     a)String Length   b)String Concatenate  c)String Reverse  d)String Copy
  7. Write a program for swapping of two numbers using call by value
    and call by reference strategies.
  8.   Linked list implementation.
  9.  Program to reverse a linked list.
  10.  To save data on disk & read data from disk.

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