Friday, December 10, 2010

Current Trends in IT World: Competing in Real Time

if we look at today's Internet world, the conditions are very different than 10 years ago. We can see anywhere access to Facebook and Twitter people, the way we use the Internet is changing, and many more conditions we need to know and respond.
What insights can be drawn from these trends, and marketing business or to respond to these trends?
This is a summary of the presentation that she brought called Three Digital Trends for the New Decade: This building marketing strategies are in real time, highly visible and data driven.
Prologue: Technology changes rapidly, the trend is moving more slowly.
Steve pointed out, for the decision not to pay attention to technology. Consider the trends. Technology is rapidly changing, and unpredictable. But the trend is not as fast as technology changes. Matter what is done mostly, talk about, etc., used by people in our surroundings.
Focus on trends, but (leverage) the use of technology to support our business decisions.
Trend # 1: Now is the time of the river, engage in real time
Marketing in the Age of streams: essential in real time commitment.
In mid 1990, the only way to open a website is by typing its address in your browser, visit the website one by one. Website to be our final destination on the Internet (website destination).
But now, the website was so flowing stream alias.
Try it, like many of us now that the Internet access type in the browser one by one. "More and more rarely the right ve? More often we go to the website by linking to articles or blogs, or given to our friends through Facebook, Twitter, Email, IM, etc.. All Internet connections are divided
so that river flow of information very quickly, as a toll road.
In fact, one can not focus on many things.
Research shows that the average person can only be best friends with 100-150 people!
In addition, Steve also said that to get attention for "something", we should be exposed to "something" is 3-5 times. Think before you decide to buy goods, at least we need to get recommendations 3-5 times. On the Internet is like that.
We need to see something at least 3-5 times before it finally could be involved there.
And research from Nielsen, in the United States, resulting in average Internet user field that had visited 111 sites each month.
Calculating a single website domain have other websites), in a month, that number increased to 2554 pages accessed every month.
Looking at the figures above is anybody, either individually or brand when you register online, you need to work very hard to get noticed!
Well, then how can a brand or business can be successful in online access? The key is to incorporate the company's staff on the Internet.
Steve Rubel gives three suggestions for this.
Establish digital Embassies and equip employees changed from ambassadors
Times, "uh, I just have a website, come and visit yaa! Already passed. The company must" catch ball ", to be where their clients there. If the customer is on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,
or elsewhere, create a digital embassy, come to be there.
But not just write an account of the case Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Companies really need to send "man" in there, so that companies become "human" and not feel superior because of the company. Embassy digital, the company should simply not exist and promotions company.
Companies have to share things that are beneficial to customers, credited with the benefits it offers.
The company has expanded its presence in the service area. Expanding the reach of their services.
And this is definitely my favorite clients?
Embrace diversity and diversity
Do not use the same message to all embassies digital. Use a message or a different story, based on the characteristics of technology and digital customers in each embassy.
For example, the message delivered on Twitter and Facebook status updates will be different.
If the message has been large or long, on-the message into pieces small pieces and more, so you can easily read and digest.
Use the Force, not fight it
Strength here is social media. Many companies forbid employees and blocking Internet access to Facebook, Twitter, etc. during working hours because of reduced productivity.
However, on the other hand, employees can become brand ambassadors who popularized the company.
Be optimal, find some employees who are very active in social media, and "armed" them so they can let go of their power.
That is, active employees who are on short-, given the material information about the company, for their activities in social media companies become more profitable.
Again, once active on the Internet, companies can expand service area, and it has favored more customers at home?
The essence of the trend seen is that companies should be able to compete in the river, by engaging directly!

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