Thursday, December 23, 2010

Use of comment when retrieving a specific HTML content part of your compile aspx page

I have one requirement when developing a module.

I need to retrive HTML content of Budget part from the whole rendered HTML Page and save it in to database.
This HTML content needs to displayed in a pop up window on the click of Details link of another page.

Firstly, I think by adding this Budget part into panel or
div tag and then finding the budget part by the id of
 div/panel control be helful. However this Budget part also had div and panel cotrols inside it. So it is very
difficult to get the indexOf ending div tag.

I got a very good solution for this. If you add <!-- Start Budget part --> and <!-- End Budget Part --> in your
aspx code, you can get these comments in the compile page HTML code. Another comment like <%—Start
Budget part --%> <%-- End Budget part --%> will not occur in the compile page HTML.


int startind = strResult.IndexOf("<!-- Start Budget part -->");
strResult = strResult.Substring(startind);

int endind = strResult.IndexOf("<!-- End Budget part -->");

strResult = strResult.Substring(0, endind);

And thus I only need to find the indexof <!-- Start Budget part --> and <!-- End Budget Part --> and made a
substring to retrieve the content.

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