Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ASP.NET Password Strength Regular Expression

ASP.NET Password Strength Regular Expression. Customize n numbers of upper case, digits,
Special characters.
Shown below is the regular expression for password strength with n number of digits,
Upper case, special characters and at least 12 characters in length.



(?=^.{12,25}$) -- password length range from 12 to 25, the numbers are adjustable

(?=(?:.*?[!@#$%*()_+^&}{:;?.]){1}) -- at least 1 special characters (!@#$%*()_+^&}{:;?.}) ,
the number is adjustable

(?=(?:.*?\d){2}) -- at least 2 digits, the number is adjustable

(?=.*[a-z]) -- characters a-z

(?=(?:.*?[A-Z]){2}) -- at least 2 upper case characters, the number is adjustable

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