Sunday, January 2, 2011

Setting Editor Options in Visual Studio 2010

The editor is very configurable, and there are more options available than many people
realize. You can view available options by selecting Tools | Options to show the Options
window in Figure 2-5. As you can see from the figure, selecting Environment | Fonts And
Colors allows you to change the appearance of VS. Regarding our current discussion of
the editor, this is where you can customize the coloration of code elements that appear
in the editor.

Most editor customizations are in a language-specific branch of the Options window.
Figure 2-6 shows the options available for C# programmers.
Figure 2-5 The Options window

Figure 2-6 C# code editor options
The Options window in Figure 2-6 is opened to Text Editor, C#, Formatting New
Lines. As you can see, there are very detailed settings for even how the editor automatically
formats new lines and where braces appear. If the code doesn't format the way you want it
to, visit this page to set the options to what you please.

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