Monday, January 10, 2011

SQL Server 2005 Installation Guide for Beginners

 Follow Steps to make a successful Sql Server 2005 installation..

Step 1.

Install Window Installer from Sql server Tools Cd.
Open redist folder and execute windows installer as
shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Step 2:

Now open SQL server installation CD Folder or CD
And open setup.exe to start the in installation. Figure 3

Figure 3
Step 3

Click the check box and click next.

Figure 4
Now click on install the prerequisites components to SQL Server. Figure 5

Figure 5

Figure 6
Now Click on Next after completing installation of components.
Select next and next until SQL Server Service Select window does
not appear Fig. 11

Figure 7
Figure 8
Figure 9

Figure 10

Step 4:
Figure 11

 Select ALL Components and click on Next, and Next Again,If you are installing SQL Server First Time on your Computer.Other wise you have to change the instance name on next window Fig 12.
Figure 12

Step 5:
Click the built –in System Account radio button to select local system. Fig 13

Figure 13
Step 6:

Choose SQL Server Login Methods

Use Mixed Mode to connect it with integrated security and User login. Best for programmers to connect with database, either with windows authentication or SQL server login.

Give your desired SQL Server sa account password. And click on Next. Fig 14
   Figure 14
Click Next and Next .. 
    Figure 15

    Figure 16

    Figure 17
Click Install to start the installation of SQL Server.
  Figure 18

Finish to complete the Installation..

You have done all… Happy Installation…

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