Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Class 2 - Visual Basic Vs .Net

Demerits of Visual Basic against .Net

Object Based Language

                It is, Even we can create classed in VB but we cannot implement Inheritance and polymorphism in it.

Development and Deployment:
Development is easy in VB but deployment is hard. It is done by MTS ( Microsoft  Transition Server) .
DLL Hell:
                 DLL (Dynamic Link Library)... You cannot run two versions of same product. E.g. Ms Office 97 and ms office 2000. Not possible to work with both of these versions at the same time.
CLI (Cross Language Interpretation):
                Conversion of VB -> Java is not possible but in .net you can translate C# to VB , VB to C# etc.
Platform Dependent:
                You can run VB programs on windows operating System only and it is physical dependent also.
Comparison of problems in VB , Java and .Net that VB have.
VB ( Problems exists )
Object Based
No – it is OOPS
Development & Deployment
Yes  - it have
DLL Hell Problem
Yes – it have
Cross -Language Interpretation
 No- possible using CORBA
Platform Dependent
NO-  using JVM
.NET have MONO framework that removes its 5th Problem. .Net is much advance and good as like java. New Version of .Net will support about 100 languages.

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